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Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 01/05/2017

Call to order:

A Regular meeting of the Board of directors of EMS, was held at 687 McKinley street, Suite #2; Eugene OR on January 5th, 2017. The meeting convened at 6:15 PM, Clif Cox presiding and Tanda Linde secretary.

Board Members in attendance: Clif, Tanda, Ben, Dean

Board Members not in attendance: None

Quorum present? Yes.

Also Present Were: Jeremy Swartz Via Skype

Approve agenda, and previous minutes.


  1. Call to order
  2. Approve the agenda
  3. Review previous meeting minutes
  4. Accept Rick Osgood resignation
  5. Appoint Jeremy Swartz to vacant board position
  6. Discussion on available space in our current location
  7. Officers Reports
    1. President's Report
    2. Secretary's Report
    3. Treasurer's Report
  8. Action Items
  9. Adjournment

Approval of Agenda: Motion was made by Clif and seconded by Dean to approve this meeting's proposed agenda.

The Motion carried with unanimous approval.

Approval of minutes: Motion was made by Ben and seconded by Clif to approve the minutes of the 12/22/16 meeting.

The Motion carried with unanimous approval.

Accept Rick Osgood resignation

Clif sent out the following to the board from Rick tendering his resignation from the Board of Directions:

On 01/04/2017 05:50 PM, Rick Osgood wrote:

Thanks for contacting me Clif. You guys can remove me from the board. I'm happy to help contribute with EMS things as I am able (Like with this thing with the landlord), but I don't want to be officially on the board right now for personal reasons.

Motion was made by Clif and seconded by Ben to accept the resignation Of Rick Osgood from the Board of Directors and to thank him immensely for his service and countless hours of dedication to the success of EMS and that his continued sage advice is always welcome.

The Motion carried with unanimous approval.

Appoint Jeremy Swartz to vacant board position

Motion was made by Clif and seconded by Ben to appoint Jeremy Swartz to fill the final vacant board position.

The Motion carried with unanimous approval.

Just for clarity, the end result of all this is the following board members and offices held:

Number Name Office
1 Clif Cox President
2 Ben Hallert
3 Tanda Linde Secretary
4 Dean Walton Treasurer
5 Jeremy Swartz

That still leaves the Facilities Manager, and PR Director yet to be determined.

Discussion on available space in our current location:

Discussion started with a brief explanation of potential units in the current warehouse block that are going to be available soon. Three units. 1000sqft Bob's unit, 1000 sqft across the lot and 2000 sqft corner unit next door to our current location.

Ben explained that if we don't grow we die. He likes the corner unit because of increased visibility and being able to accept donations of equipment.

Dean expressed that women have felt concerned about being walled off and on edge because of the dark warehouse. The space is crowded and that we need to have more of a welcoming feeling. Right now visitors don't feel welcome and invited.

Clif likes the thought of having two spaces for separation of activities. Noisy/Quiet, Dirty/Clean. Having two spaces leave an escape if we can not afford it later.

Ben expressed concern for lack of community and inclusion by having two spaces. Having an "fall-back" location is harmful to growth. He is willing to donate to the cost of moving.

Jher invited us to view the Maker Space at the U/O to look at for "best practices". Concern about safe to enter and security.

Dean is excited to see the space move. The big windows can be a good/bad idea. Promote visibility but visibility would create a vulnerability.

Jher liked the windows for signage, branding, and to promote community recognition.

Clif asked if one big space is practical. What would we do about classes? Diane alluded that we are model tenants. In 8 months to a year, where are we going to be at when the innovation district becomes open for us to move again. The discussion turned to the space in the Innovation District (the old LCC building down town Eugene)

Ben commented that his impression of the space downtown is cramped and confining.

Dean asked about the synergy between groups and a for brief explanation of the concept for the Downtown LCC Building. Clif explained the idea to the group.

Tanda expressed concerns expressed from other members about the lack of and cost of parking downtown and the ability to work on large projects (material handling).

Dean asked if moving locally would hurt our intentions of moving again in the near future.

Clif bring up that there are a lot of different spaces available downtown and we would be in a good position for the basement space because no one wants it. Only barriers are financial and growth of membership.

Tanda brought up looking at a change in the amount of dues. What processes are in place if we need to explore this avenue?

Clif said it would take a mandate from the majority of the membership to increase dues.

Jher again implored the BOD to go check out the U/O maker space prior to moving.

Ben suggests to poll the audience. Post to the discuss and explain the situation and to solicit opinions from them.

ACTION: Ben to post to the discuss list.

Tanda asked about the "fix-it cafe" article and if we wish to persue them for the opportunity to partner with them as a host site.

ACTION: Tanda will contact the City of Eugene Waste Management to initiate the conversation.

Dean explained the grant database. He is willing to get a list of grants. We can solicit the discuss forum to write them and present to the BOD prior to submission.

ACTION: Dean will get a list of potential grants. Also working on the inventory list with Darrell.

Officer's reports:


Clif contacted Diane about the upcoming space(s) availability. Will continue to keep in contact with her as things develop. We are on good terms with her.

Also the website has been hacked by bots and needed some "help". Clif has managed to get it fixed for now. We need to get a web admin because he has no desire to keep doing it long term.


Transitioning, learning, continuing on.


Dean is in the beginning stages of listing all equipment in the EMS space.

Action Items:


  • Continue contact with Landlord, Diane on walk through timeline and availability of Corner Space.
  • Set up another walk through of Innovation District for new Board Members.


  • Contact City of Eugene to initiate discussion on the Fix-It program. Will bring back report at next meeting.


  • Darrell and Dean work on equipment ownership list.
  • Investigate Grant possibilities.


  • Post information to the Discuss List on the possible expansion to next door and to solicit a discussion from the membership.



Ben moved for adjournment and was seconded by Clif.

The vote was unanimous and the meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.

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