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Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 02/16/2017

Call to Order.

A Regular meeting of the Board of directors of EMS, was held at 687 McKinley Street, Suite #1; Eugene OR on February 16th, 2017. The meeting convened at 6:06 PM, Clif Cox presiding and Tanda Linde secretary.

Board Members in attendance: Clif, Tanda, Dean, Jher

Board Members not in attendance: Ben Quorum present? Yes.

Also Present Were: the voices in my head

Approve agenda, and previous minutes.


  1. Call to order

  2. Approve the agenda

  3. Review previous meeting minutes

  4. Officers Reports

    1. Champion's (President) Report

    2. Treasurer's Report

    3. Secretary's Report

  5. Revisit Social Media, electronic communication, who’s monitoring what

  6. Revisit Spring Open House

  7. Insurance Quotes

  8. Recap on the move, where are we, what need to be completed, toss or keep

  9. Business Cards, Website, PR (in general)

  10. Action Items

  11. Adjournment

Approval of Agenda: Motion was made by Tanda and seconded by Clif to approve this meeting's proposed agenda. The Motion carried with unanimous approval.

Approval of Minutes: Motion was made by Clif and seconded by Dean to approve the minutes of the 1/16/17 meeting. The Motion carried with unanimous approval.

Officer's reports:

Champion (President)

Clif - We’ve moved. Tasks include being point man for Property Management, Comcast, Networking, Etc. He is trying to secure a deal on Comcast and explained the cost of renting a modem versus purchasing one. Long range goals to put CAT5 in the office and out to various shop locations. Spent $135 out of his own pocket in supplies.

He has a mostly complete list of online accounts and their passwords. Expressed frustration at the fact that there are accounts out there with the EMS name and they are not being monitored.


Dean expressed that Darrell still has not given him the info he needs to fulfill his duties as treasurer. Discussion about some upcoming bills. Dean asks does it really matter if Darrell continues to “act” in the position of Treasurer. Tanda would like to see the person who has been put into the position to actually do the position and to see an accounting of the books so far this year. Dean said he’ll work on getting this transferred from Darrell.


Report on Fix-It Cafes. Still in contact with them. A potential walk through will happen with-in the next two weeks.

Reported on attending RAIN small business meeting and the positive response from others about the EMS. Need business cards to hand out to interested people in the community.

Other Officers Reports: There are still two unfilled volunteer positions. Marketing Director and Resource Manager.

Revisit Social Media, electronic communication, who’s monitoring what

Clif said he has the admin passwords (he thinks) for all the accounts that we have set up. Jher has the password for the website (wordpress). Ben and I monitor the Facebook. The Google + "telephone" will be set to only record a message and email it to the board.

Jher explains why he hasn't taken on the PR role. He would like to have a central space for all social media to point to. There is no "interaction" with others on social media except to point them back to the central information location. Be it the web site or whatever.

Tanda expresses some concern about not being out there in the social media world. Different platforms reach different social segments and we should at least be available to be seen by potential members.

Jher comments that he feels part of the mission of Eugene MakerSpace is that we're trying to offer aesthetic and ethical environment to get into DIY culture.

<Off subject> Clif: When we have the Eugene Magazine come to do the article I'd like to have him say that we are open to helping start-ups prototype their products.Not exactly our focus but something we do.

<OS>Dean: We should also foster a community between other non-profits. To recognize other non-profits in the local area that may be better suited to help people achieve their goals.

<OS>Clif: So when the interview happens I'd like to have the right message carefully crafted.

<OS> Discussion then moved to monitoring communication, Open Hack nights and setting up a calendar to have a rotation of volunteers here to answer questions.

ACTION: To set up a schedule of people willing to volunteer at Open Hack nights answering questions, etc.

Revisit Spring Open House

Clif: Like to see us fully functioning or at least see when we will be fully functioning before we have an Open House. In his estimation that would be when the pick apart is finished. And right now he is the hold up on that because he is laying the wiring up there.

Dean asks "at the rate you're going, how long do you think you'll be done?"

Clif: "Oh, at least by the end of March."

Major discussion ensues over the realities of wiring and the substrata of flooring/ceiling above the office. How/what it would take to speed up the process. Asking the larger community for help on the discuss list.

Jher suggests a two stage opening. Stage one would be a soft open house/fundraising. Spruce the place up. Put stuff away. Have a quiet evening with potential donors towards beginning of April. Get the word out get some publicity and have a big Open House in June.

Revisited the Eugene Magazine article in the magazine would be coming out June.

Insurance Quotes

Tanda moves to table the insurance quotes until next time. Right now we only have one and Clif is going to look it over.

ACTION: Dean will meet up with Darrell to get the finances moved over.

Recap on the move, where are we, what need to be completed, toss or keep

Going through the current Pick-a-part and making a garbage square.

ACTION: Tanda will facilitate the pick-a-part plunder.

Business Cards, Website, PR (in general)

Jher presented a couple designs for the business cards. The board picked the front and back that appealed to us. Jher will have them printed up.

ACTION: Jher printing up the business cards.

Action Items:


  • Set up another walk through of Innovation District for new Board Members.
  • Finish the Pick-a-part renovation.


  • Stay in contact City of Eugene on the Fix-It program.
  • Organize the Pick-a-part and trash square.


  • Darrell and Dean work on transferring the financial stuff.
  • Continue to investigate Grant possibilities.


  • <gone>Investigate the details of getting a Patreon set up and will report back.


  • Continued work on updating the website.
  • To get the business cards printed.


  • (Group effort) To continue to clean and organize the shop.


Clif moved for adjournment and was seconded by Dean. The vote was unanimous and the meeting was adjourned at 7:21 PM.

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