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Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 08/07/2013

Call to order:

A Regular meeting of the Board of directors of EMS, was held at 687 McKinley street, Suite #2, Eugene OR on Aug 7th , 2013. The meeting convened at 6:37 PM, Kevin King, presiding, and Clif Cox secretary.

Board Members in attendance: Clif, Bob, Kevin
Board Members not in attendance: Rick, Kassie

Quorum present? Provisional with a waiver

Also Present Were: none

Approve agenda, and previous minutes.


  1. Approve the agenda
  2. Review previous meeting minutes
  3. Officer Reports
  4. Replacement Tooling
  5. Member Storage policy
  6. New Space Proposal

Approval of Agenda: Motion was made by Clif , and seconded by Keven to approve this meeting's proposed agenda.

Unanimous approval.

Motion carried.

Approval of minutes: Motion was made by Keven , and seconded by Bob to approve the minutes of the July 17th meeting.

Unanimous approval.

Motion carried.

Officers' reports:


One less member Jeff moved to Hawaii, See ya Jeff, have fun in the sun! :-) Keven submitted the membership graph which was filled with lots of nice info. The bottom line is that for the last year and a half we have been growing at about a half member every month. We do have a steady attrition rate of about one a month.

It would also be very helpful to understand why members leave.

Replacement Tooling:

Bob would like to replace some of the worn out or damaged tooling like drill bits, saw blades, Dremel tips, a new hex wrench set and sand paper.

MOTION - Clif moved, and Keven Seconded that:we preauthorize Bob to be reimbursed up to $200 for tools and supplies.

Unanimous approval.

Motion Carried.

Member Storage policy:

Bob has made a proposal for all members to start with a free bankers box of stuff for members in good standing, and $5.00 a month for each additional box. He would like to put this out on the discuss list to see what the members think. Additionally for larger projects he would like to charge $2 / sqft of floor space used with a $25 minimum.

New Space Proposal:

Clif would like to move forward on the new space search and would like to be empowered to send off Marks initial proposal with light editing to prospective new space contacts. Bob has also mentioned that the old Norvac space is still on the market.

MOTION - Clif moved, and Bob Seconded that: Clif is empowered to lightly edit mark's proposal and submit it back to the board list and Mark DW. for discussion, and with no objections after some reasonable time further submit it to one or more prospective spaces to start a negation process with them.

Unanimous approval.

Motion Carried.

Action Items:




  • Review and cleanup Marks proposal.


  • Send his proposal out to the discuss list.


  • To create a list of members that have quite and why if he can find out.
  • Find the plywood shelving plans.


Bob moved for adjournment, Seconded by Clif:

Unanimous, the meeting was adjourned at 7:38 PM.

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