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Eugene Maker Space Board of Directors meeting July 2nd, 2020

Call to order

6:05 PM Attending: Ben, Karen, Beata, Piotr Also present:

Approve this agenda

Motion: Karen moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors approve the agenda as amended.

The motion was seconded by Piotr.

Motion passes, the vote was Unanimous.

Approve previous minutes

Motion: Karen moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors approve the minutes from the June BoD meeting as amended.

The motion was seconded by Piotr.

Motion passes, the vote was unanimous.


President's report

Nothing to report.

Secretary's report

Nothing to report.

Treasurer's report

Because we're having our meeting earlier than last month, not everything is paid yet. In the bank we have $1,455.08. In PayPal we have $96.50. In Patreon, our balance in transit is $1,451.19.

$3,002.87 cash on hand. $1,400 rent is due and heading out the door.

We are roughly at a steady/stable state between last month and this month yet includes a $306 insurance payment but also had some delayed deposits so it's difficult to tell how our current steady-state financials look.

Karen reported that Travis Van Krause assisted her in making a bank run to deposit checks and cash on-hand which helped a lot. She is currently holding $35 in cash from Sam Rainey that is pending deposit. Karen checked the Broadcom portal and does not see any for June or July pending. February and March 1st payments are scheduled for payment, April is not yet approved for payment.

Piotr received a notification from ITFS (the insurance payment system) that our insurance payment is $432 and recommended that we pay the balance in full when we receive the Broadcom donation so that we can save on the extra fees we incur by spreading it out over the year.

Shop status

Beata reports that the shop status isn't too bad. There's still some cleanup in progress. The WiFi issue is resolved.

We have had our first guest since re-opening! They came equipped with mask, he showed them the website, they took paperwork and took the tour.

Karen reports that there was an accident with the spindle that damaged the collett. Travis Van Krause purchased a replacement and between him, Karen, and Travis, the CNC table is functional again. Ben requested that we reach out to Jeffrey or someone to see if fixing it is something he can help with and Karen recommended we get Tom's permission before attempting a fix.

Beata reported on some unlabeled materials that went missing (that looked like rubbish, possibly) in the shop that the owner was looking for. Sounds like there was a miscommunication but the member who disposed of it said he was able to retrieve it Wednesday and it sounds like it will be returning to its owner. The owner of the object understands the labeling policy/guidelines and will make efforts to label his materials in the future to avoid misunderstanding.

Old Business/Action Item Review

Broadcom employee matching deposits

We covered this in the treasury discussion.

COVID-19 status review - Open Hack closure status

Beata reported that we had two guests at our latest open hack. He also used the opportunities to do some cleanup and to fix an oscilloscope.

Karen updated our info page and COVID-19 page on our new open status.

Piotr's recommendation is to keep things as is and not advance our opening schedule further.

Piotr, Karen, and Ben expressed thanks to Beata for his work in staffing the Open Hack nights.

Karen noted that the board must maintain vigilance and not rely on government rules to make the determination if we advance or pull back re: open status because the state leadership may not be able to make data-backed shutdown decisions due to political pressure. Piotr seconded this and added that he suggests we 'err on the side of caution'. He recommends that we stay where we are currently (once a week, Tuesday status, masks required, social distancing, etc) and that Beata let us know immediately if he runs into any problems.

The rest of the board agreed that anyone who is running the shop be empowered to kick everyone out if needed.

Ben will get some courtesy masks and hand sanitizer and make a sign


ACTION: Ben will will look for soft soap and more hand sanitizer..

Ben will update our Facebook calendar to reflect Tuesday open-hacks

ACTION: Ben will will.

Karen will update the Meetup and Google calendar to reflect Tuesday open-hacks

Done and continuing to reflect our current status.

Karen will schedule bank trip with Piotr, Ben, and Beata

Unable to continue at this time due to COVID-19.

Ben will follow up with Lightburn re: non-profit license for second laser


Ben will reach out to the membership to let them know about the laser and to coordinate to give some lessons


Piotr will call the insurance company on Tuesday to arrange for payment and an updated certificate if we don't hear from them by Monday

Done. Because of timing, we were uninsured for a one month. There were no break-ins or property losses during this time, we signed an agreement to this effect as well.

New Business


Motion: Piotr moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors adjourn.

The motion was seconded by Karen.

Motion passes, the vote was {{{4}}}.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:43 PM.