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Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 4/2/2015

Call to order:

A Regular meeting of the Board of directors of EMS, was held at 687 McKinley street, Suite #2, Eugene OR on April 2nd, 2015. The meeting convened at 6:11PM, Rick Osgood presiding and Ben Hallert secretary.

Board Members in attendance: Rick, Bob, Ben, Kass, Darrell
Board Members not in attendance: none

Quorum present? Yes

Approve agenda, and previous minutes.


  1. Approve the agenda
  2. Review previous meeting minutes
  3. Facilities Report
  4. Treasurer Report
  5. Action Item Review from 3/19 Bo D Meeting
  6. Revisit key policy. Bob proposes that keys be automatic with membership.
  7. Malware on the web server.
  8. Eugene Maker Social - The 2nd one is scheduled, Bob would like to get out of the organizing business.
  9. RFID tag inventory status

Approval of Agenda: Motion was made by Rick and seconded by Darrell to approve this meeting's proposed agenda.

The Motion carried with unanimous approval.

Approval of minutes: Motion was made by Bob and seconded by Darrell to approve the minutes of the 3/19 meeting.

The Motion carried with unanimous approval.

Officer's reports:

Facilities Report

Shop Cleanup 3/28 became more of a reorganization than cleanup. We moved some stuff around and Rick was almost hilariously electrocuted. Everything came off the member storage shelves, sent out emails to people, etc. We have boxes for Connor and Austin plus six vacant spaces.

New member Michael did an excellent job of sorting and cleaning the pick-a-part. Things are sorted with other like things. When removing an air fitting, Rick was struck in the groin by a pneumatically propelled valve and it was widely agreed that this is yet another reason to regularly participate in these shop cleanup functions.

Bob is considering consolidating several tools to a single table that can be rotated in some fashion as to location-share and will tentatively plan for the next cleanup in May.

Vacuum former: It is working well and had its oil changed. Rick noticed the make-shift filter that was attached. Note: It has been determined that it is not able to form 1/8" acrylic based on a valiant attempt that was made.

Vinyl cutter: Taper has run some self-tests and hopes to make first cuts with cutter tomorrow.

CNC mill: We are hoping to receive the new controller boards shortly, they have arrived in San Francisco. Dale has not found the suspected short and believes it may have been a red-herring.

CNC tooling: Not time to buy yet as we are awaiting functioning of the device first.

Big mill: Proud Mary keeps on turning, it remains functional.

Laser: Bob plans to wire electricals by adding a junction box near the exhaust fan with a control switch. It now has a table (built by Cord, Rick, and Ben during the shop reorganization).

Prntr Bot: It was seen working on Tuesday and is presumed functioning.

Thing-o-matic: No update.

Squawk sheet: Functioning and notice sent per action-items from previous meeting.

Lockpicks: Ordered

The Open Hack Night sign is not water proof, a replacement will be needed.

Ben demonstrated the Timelapsinator. It is functional.

Bob proposed that we need a donation box to clearly identify incoming donations to combat a recurring situation where hardware is found without a clear owner or purpose and its status is undefined. While a donation box would limit the volume of donations, this was generally agreed to be an acceptable (if even possibly desired) situation.

Bob talked regarding Kassie's suggestion to improve our storage setup by making a call-out to the discuss group for ideas on how to best organize (with possible purchases). There were some further discussions on specific ideas as examples such as expanding the wall peg mounts.

New neighbor Bob is moving in tomorrow morning. Rick discussed the idea of possibly expanding the EMS into a second space on the grounds. He will contact Diane to find out more about it but this is a very tentative inquiry and not a commitment.

Treasurer's Report

We are now at 18 members, up from 16!

We submitted the application for the 501c3. No word yet, but as it's only been a week, that's not entirely surprising. Kassie has heard that 6 weeks is not an uncommon time for the EZ form so we will watch with interest to see how this develops.

Old business:

Action Item Review from 3/19/2015 Bo D Meeting

  • Rick, Bob, and Ben will read the ARRL PR guidelines before the next meeting
    Nobody read it. In fact, each person polled defiantly asserted that they had failed to read it.
  • Bob will write/cause to be posted a description of the squawk sheet
    Rick did it and all is well. We discussed the squawk sheet to find out what kind of possible incentives we could offer for assistance in closing out squawks. Public recognition was discussed.
  • Rick suggested that squawk list be reviewed at each shop cleanup.

New business:

Revisit key policy. Bob proposes that keys be automatic with membership.

Bob and Rick characterized the existing policy as overly restrictive. Darrell suggested adding verifying ID to Ben's idea of automatic keyholdering.

We discussed the Son of Door project and 80% completion.

Rick suggested making a regular task of reviewing membership currency and then executing on access.

Rick noted that we need to review our key policy in advance of possibly acting on this discussion.

Rick asked if we want to maintain the board vote for membership.

MOTION - Bob moves and Rick seconds that section 2 of the Key Privileges policy be changed to the following:

"A member in good standing is eligible for the privilege of having key access upon presentation of government issued photo identification. The board may waive this requirement."

The motion passes with unanimous approval.

Motion Carried

MOTION - Bob moves and Darrell seconds that we suspend the ID requirement for all members with membership in the Eugene maker prior to April 1, 2015.

The motion passes with unanimous approval.

Motion Carried

ACTION: Ben will implement the change to the official policy.

Malware on the web server.

Ben railed on about this at length until finally petering out, the gist of it was that the install 'was fucky'.

Rick suggested we create a new VM for a fresh install of the site. We install Wordpress manually, back up the database and content, bring the site up then get it together.

ACTION: Rick will ask Clif for a new VM and he will install Cent OS.

Eugene Maker Social - The 2nd one is scheduled, Bob would like to get out of the organizing business.

Bob has a private room at Mc Menamins for next social.

Rick proposed a revolving responsibility for organizing.

RFID tag inventory status

ACTION: Kass will order a new batch.

Action Items:


  • Kass will order a new batch of RFIDs.


  • Rick will ask Clif for a new VM and he will install Cent OS for a possible clean Word Press setup.


  • None.


  • None.


  • Ben will implement the change to the official key holder policy.


Bob moved for adjournment and was seconded by Rick.

The vote was unanimous and the meeting was adjourned at 7:18PM.

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