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Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 8/04/2014

Call to order:

A Regular meeting of the Board of directors of EMS, was held at 687 McKinley street, Suite #2, Eugene OR on Aug 4th, 2014. The meeting convened at 7:23 PM, Weston Turner, presiding, and Clif Cox secretary.

Board Members in attendance: Clif, Weston, and Darrell
Board Members not in attendance: Kassie

Quorum present? Yes

Also Present Were: none

Approve agenda, and previous minutes.


  1. Approve the agenda
  2. Review previous meeting minutes
  3. Discuss low income member policy

Approval of Agenda: Motion was made by Darrell, and seconded by Weston to approve this meeting's proposed agenda.

Unanimous approval.

Motion carried.

Approval of minutes: Motion was made by Weston , and seconded by Darrell to approve the minutes of the 6/30/14 meeting.

Unanimous approval.

Motion carried.

Low income member policy:

It has been suggested that some hard working members can't afford the dues. We discussed making exceptions on a case by case basis. Re an anonymous member's key, the Sponsors are Greg, Darrell and Clif

MOTION - Darrell moved, and Weston Seconded that: We approve this member's key for six months and revisit it at that time. If not voted to continue it would be suspended.

Unanimous approval.

Motion Carried

Kassie arrived at 7:52

Other topics of discussion:

Classes. are good! we should get them going. Fixing the printer. Ben is thinking about bringing in his NC paper cutter. and Kassie will loan us her vinyl cutter.

Action Items:


  • Bring in projector



  • Catch up on printing minutes


  • Ask our new key holder if they would be able to donate some monthly amount.



Weston moved for adjournment, Seconded by Clif.

Unanimous, the meeting was adjourned at 20:20 PM.

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