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Here we list long standing board motions i.e. Standing Rules.

Administrative Rules:

  • Review low income member key policy on Jan 5th (08/04/14)
  • Darrell and Clif are the signers on the bank accounts (03/04/14) (12/11/13)
  • Accept James resignation and reduce the board to four people (01/28/14)
  • New storage policy is adopted at the annual meeting (12/07/13)
  • In future years members need to be in good standing for the 60 period prior to the annual meeting date (12/04/13)
  • Added board override clause to the storage proposal pass whole thing onto membership for voting (11/06/13)
  • Adopt Kassie's seminar contracts with minor updates (11/06/13)
  • Went back to (01/02/13)

check family discount for minors verbage

Discounted Memberships:

  • Jason Petorak;s (12/11/13)

Membership Rules:

  1. Do not act in such a way that would make us add another rule.
  2. See rule 1.

-- Main.ClifCox - 2011-02-07