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!!Script for First Board Meeting


  1. Start minutes
  2. "This meeting of the incorporators of Eugene Maker Space herein known as EMS was duly called by both incorporators."
  3. Please note that we have both singed the waver of notice for this meeting.
  4. People Present: Rick, Clif, Jeff, Kevin, Ellery, Bob, and James.
  5. Clif Nominates Rick for the BOD, Rick Accepts.
  6. Rick Nominates __ for the BOD, __ Accepts
  7. Rick Nominates Clif for the BOD, Clif Accepts.
  8. The two incorporators vote on the BOD There are five votes each.
  9. The results were Rick 2 votes, Clif 2 votes, Jeff 2 votes. Kevin 2 votes, and _ 2 votes. All BOD members were elected.
  10. The initial EMS BOD is Rick, Clif, Kevin, Jeff and _____.
  11. Clif Moves that the Incorporators meeting Adjourn. Rick Seconds. The vote is unanimous.
  12. Goodby Incorporators, thanks for a job well done...

Shuffle Shuffle, Change hats

  1. Make sure all waivers are signed by all potential board members.

Board Of Directors

  1. Welcome to the first board of directors of Eugene Maker Space!
  2. At Date and Time the first meeting of the EMS board is called to order.
  3. Present: Clif, Rick, Jeff, Kevin and ____.
  4. By being present and participating each board member waves their right to proper notice of this meeting.
  5. Clif Moves, and Rick seconds that the minuets of the Incorporators meeting be approved as filed.
  6. Vote and record.
  7. Rick Moves to adopt the EMS bylaws as presented.
  8. Clif Seconds.
  9. Vote and Record.
  10. XXX moves, and YYY seconds to adopt the Policy document.
  11. Record Vote.
  12. XXX moves, and YYY seconds to adopt the Rules document.
  13. Record Vote.
  14. Other Business?
  15. XXX moves, and YYY seconds to adjourn
  16. Unanimous:
  17. Meeting adjourned.

Action Items:

  1. Send notice to Corporation Division to redact Rick's name and contact info. Done.


-- Main.ClifCox - 2011-01-04