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We've had the opportunity to put together some 3D printers. Here are some notes on that .

Aluminatus Trinity One Printers:

These are big mostly 80/20 (40-4030?) channel aluminum beasts.

Parts List:

Number Name Description
1 Base All electronics, 2 Power supplies, Controler, 3 Motors, etc...
1 Display / Control Board Allows independent control of printer, W/ Ribbon cables
2? Plastic mounting parts For above
1 Top Plate With holes and slots
24 M5x10 Screws Button Head Cap Screws, for above
8 M5 T-Slot Nuts For slots in short sides of base, for above
1 Power inlet with Switch For above
8 Triangle Blocks For vertical 80/20 frame
16 M5x10 Screws Socket Head Cap Screws
16 M5 T-Slot Nuts For above
2 Triangular Plates To attach vertical 80/20
10 M5x10 Screws Socket Head Cap Screws, to attach above
10 M5 T-Slot Nuts For above
3 80/20 Slotted x 21" Posts to hold Gantry
2 Lead Screws 15.75" With Nuts and Torsion dampeners
8 Set Screws For above
1 Lead Screw 16.5" for Gantry
1 80/20 Slotted x 16.75"" To mount the above on
2 Vertical Slide Rods For Gantry 21.5" long
2 Thin cork disks For above
4 Plastic Clamp Ends For above
8 M5-10 Screws Cap Screws, for above
4 M3-14 Screws CS, For above
4 M3 Nylocks For above
2 Plastic Bushing Holders To mount Gantry to Vertical Slide Rods
8 M5-10 Screws CS For above
2 Plastic Spacers For abvoe
1 Bed Frame for build bed
2 Spacer Blocks To hold bed above top plate
4? M6 Screws For above
4 Plastic Bed Corners To hold glass on bed
1 Hot End
1 Plastic HE Mount For above
1 Metal retaining plate For Hot End
2 M5-16 CS and nuts for above
1 Extruder Motor 36JX30K5.18G or 36JX30K27G
1 Pinch Bearing For above + Short Shaft
1 Hobbed Drive wheel For above


  • When printing parts try to include T-slot nut cage forks so they don't slide away when you remove the screw. Perhaps with small barbs so they are pulled tight.
  • If any steppers are skipping steps you might want to adjust the Pololu driver board's current limit. As described in the links below.
  • CS for bottom plastic plates, are M5-7.
  • Other part numbers for Extruder motors are:
    • 36JX30K5.18G/42STH38-1684A, 1.8 Degree, 2.8V, 1.68A 1:5.18 Gear Ratio
    • 36JX30K27G..., 1:27 Gear Ratio
    • 36JX30K100G..., 1:100 Gear Ratio
  • Hot End Cooling fan: AV-F4010LS
    • 24V 0.08A 4-6? CFM


Adjusting the Vertical Slide rods:

  • Mount clamps in the base with locktight, but leave M3 screws lose.
  • Slide plastic gantry mounts with bushings on the slide rods
  • Thread the lead screws in also, add retainers and holding screws.
  • Add Claps to top of rods
  • Slide T-Slot nuts into top piece for the clamps.
  • Loosely mount motors
  • Slide rods into base clamps and connect motors to torsion dampeners.
  • Loosely fasten in upper clamps.
  • Tighten all four M3 bolts on clamps
  • Measure distance to 80/20 at bottom of slide rods.
  • Tighten top clamp screws without locktight enough so you can still move the clamps a bit
  • Adjust top of rods to same distance and tighten one clamp screw till its firm.
  • Add locktight to the other one and re-thread and tighten.
  • Remeasure to double check distance.
  • Add locktight to the first one check distance and tighten
  • Repeat for the other rod.

Adjusting the lead screws and motor mountings:

Random Notes:

  • Some Stepper driver board: 6B6560-3V5

-- Main.ClifCox - 25 Apr 2016