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New Space Prep
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Space Preparation

  • Prep and paint some walls
    • Most walls to be bright white?
      • Check Bring and the Restore for recycled paint.
    • Come up with some nice accent colors or hi-lite scheme
  • Clean Floor
  • Paint floor (Probably not happening, would take about a week)
    • Touch up floor? Get color from Management Co.
  • Plumbing.
    • New sink.
      • Check with Tanda, or Dick?
  • Install electronic door lock
    • Fabricate new frame to hold door lock.
    • Order new door lock mechanism and install.
  • Lighting.
    • Additional inside lighting
      • If the light is focused downward from the fixture, then they can be mounted on the celling.
    • Outside safety lighting, rope light?
  • Update equipment tag system
  • Pick floor plan
    • Class area
      • Projector / Screen
    • Textile Arts
    • Craft Area
    • Research / Collaboration Space(s)
    • Hang out area / Reading Nook

I was wondering if rope light would look nice under the eves, maybe that would provide enough light for the parking lot?

Wish list for new space

  • Sink
  • Tables / Chairs
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats
  • Carpets
    • Need two? throw rugs about 10 * 10
    • Need a carpet remnant for the Pick A Part area. About 15 * 12, and 10 * 5.
  • New ladder
  • Movable walls
    • Several people have suggested movable walls.
  • Larger Heater(s)
    • Gas / Propane?
    • Big Fan?
  • Bookcase
  • IP cameras
  • Several pallets, just for the move
  • Stuff from Bring?
    • New Door
    • Sink
    • Locking File Cabinet
    • Stairway materials
    • Vent pipe
    • Steel Shelving
    • Heavy duty casters
    • Small 19 inch rack wall mount bracket
      • Small 19" shelf
    • Misc corded tools that we don't have.
    • 4x8 Sheets of OSB for the pick-a-part
    • Used carpet for the pick-a-part
    • Laminate to reskin the top of the hand tool work bench
    • Large bin for scrap wood pieces
    • Uniform box system for member storage

Ongoing Upgrades

  • Add dust collection system
  • Add mini rack for routers / servers etc...
  • Add IP cameras

Mods to coordinate with property management Co

  • Wire and conduit cleanup
  • Vent hole for Versa Laser

Operational Changes

  • More inviting work areas.
  • More instructions / Instruct-ables for using the tools.
    • Easily accessible written info
    • Shop Etiquette
  • Update our equipment tag system
  • Have some intro projects ready to go for new members.
    • Have sample projects for different mediums.
    • Be inviting to kids


  • Floor
    • Finish spot cleaning
    • Mop
    • Install vinyl molding on walls.
  • Rear wall
    • Sand rough spots
      • Spackle some more
      • Apply some orange peel if possible
    • Finish cleaning
    • Paint
  • Utility Sink
    • Select and install
  • Pick-A-Part
    • Vacuum
    • Rearrange plywood
    • Staple down carpet, and padding?
  • Install router and server shelf in pick-a-part area
  • Internet
    • Get Internet installed and run to shelf
    • Run cat 5 to IP cameras and mount
  • Door lock
    • Jeffrey is fabricating new door lock mounting HW
  • Electrical
    • Wire outlet for Bridgeport
    • Wire outlet for heater
    • Wire hanging outlet near where Table saw might go.
  • Versa Laser Vent
    • Find temporary solution using one of our current vents
  • Decorations
    • Need some decoration plans
  • Misc
    • Replace broken outlet covers
    • Contact BMC about replacing some blinds.

Volunteer List

  • Ben: Various times
  • Dick: Various times
  • Rick: after 6:30 and on weekends
  • Mary: After 4:30 and on weekends, Her Son too.

Borrowed Tools

  • From OCF:
    • One tall and two shorter ladders
    • One pallet jack, and one hand truck
  • From Andy:
    • One tall blue ladder
    • One Mop and bucket
  • From Clif:
    • One push broom and dustpan
    • Some cleaning supplies
    • Some Spackleing supplies
  • From Tanda:
    • 3 furniture dollies
  • From Dick:
    • 2 Furniture dollies
    • 1 Red hand truck
    • 1 Convertible small hand truck

Floor plan suggestions

Here's where the member contributed floor plan ideas can go.

  • EMS_FLOORPLAN.dxf: All parts for the floor plan , openable by LibreCAD
    • Not arranged in any particular order
    • Image of Floorplan file:
    File:NewSpacePrep.EMS FLOORPLAN.png
    File:NewSpacePrep.EMS FLOORPLAN 1.png

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