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Radio Gear

This page is here to collect some notes about useful collections of comms gear that come in handy for various projects.


Arguably the most useful radios are handheld radios. They range in quality and price. Generally the lower quality radios while usable are missing some of the nicer features like better front end filtering and companders for the audio. These things matter more in very RF busy areas like large cities. The inexpensive brands roughly in order of cost are: Baofeng, Hytera, Wouxun, and Alinco. The higher quality and more expensive brands are Yaesu, Icom, and Kenwood.


  • UV-3R Plus
  • UV-5R


These seem to be built a bit more rugged than the Baofengs but cost about double.

  • KG-UV3D dual-band handheld
  • KG-UV6D


  • TC-610




  • TH-D72E
  • TH-D7AG
  • THD-72 H

Trail Friendly Radios

Not exactly sure what makes a trail friendly radio or TFR but probably light weight and long battery life are a couple of features. :-) Another hiking term is Summits On The Air (SOTA)

Mobil Radios


  • TM-D700
  • TM-D710
  • TM-D700A
  • TM-D710A

Programming Software for Radios

Most of the time you can program a radio via the keypad but it can become tedious for lots of changes. Here are a couple of SW packages for programming your Radio:

Software Defined Radios

GPS units

Here are some suggestions as to what type of external GPS units to pick up. Most will go for a USB puck or mouse GPS. The chipsets are somewhat standardized with different levels of performance. See:

  • ADS-GM1 GPS receiver


The Automatic Packet Reporting System is a great way to provide situational awareness for outdoor activities, including telemetry and other data.





Software TNCs

RDF Transmitters

A good backup plan for finding your lost device, is to use a low duty cycle transmitter with long battery life, for radio direction finding (RDF).

Misc Devices, Cables, and Adapters

Moving Map SW


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