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New Space Committee
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 01/25/2014

This meeting was a specially scheduled Committee meeting, only because we didn't have the time set at least 30 days in advance. It started about 1:01pm

Members in attendance:

  1. Weston Turner
  2. Clif Cox
  3. Ben Hallert
  4. Darrell Perko

Other contributors: Jher


  • Discuss recent events.
  • Meet with Jher.

Discuss recent events

One idea was to have more membership meetings, and fewer board meetings.This might get more members involved.

Meet with Jher,

Talked with Jher from the UofO about how best to pitch our application for the Wayne Morse Center grant.

In the grant application information, they focus a lot on New Media. Jher wants us to know that new media specifically includes material digitalization and maker spaces. Weston took a class on new media and talked about user engagement. All media interfaces deal with the material world. This is the crux of what maker spaces are about. The the digital world requires materialization to even exist. Weston says recently NPR had a piece on our world becoming more and more digital, "everyone must learn how to code" or else... EMS should should be a clearing house of info and tools to help people cope, do outreach, Teach!

UofO Science library has a 3D printer now which shows this is the direction media is going. Media is intertwined with Democracy. Democracy is supported by digital infrastructure.

Ben asked about sustainability, UofO is big on sustainability. EMS supports sustainability at several levels:

  1. We recycle old stuff and hack it to make new.
  2. We do outreach to the community to help it make use of new tool sets in sustainable ways.
  3. We want to be an ongoing resource in our community (IE. Sustainable)

(and James, we used as many curse words (not written down, sorry) as we could so you would have felt right at home) ;-)

Buzzwords and phrases we can use:

  • Medium is the message
  • New Media -- New Mediums
    • New media means literacy in new mediums
    • eg maker spaces.
  • Embodiment
  • Empowerment
  • Digital Literacy Empowers!
  • Digital Materialization
  • Cognitive liberty!
  • Thrive-Ability
    • The next step after sustainability
  • Inter-cultural Competency.


  • Douglas Rushkoff:
    • Program-or-be-Programmed
    • Ten Commands for a Digital Age.
  • Marshall McLuhan
    • Understanding Media:
    • The Extensions of Man
      • "The Medium is the Message"
      • Its never been more true than now that the medium is the mass age ;-)

Talking about first impressions and how we present ourselves We rather walk into a laboratory than a garage. So how can we be seen as not a garage? We want a nice clean backdrop with a minimum of clutter. The physical embodies the aesthetic, we need to be viewed as an orchestra of tools and composers busily working on artful compositions, or conductors orchestrating a masterpiece.

Talking about re-branding and maybe changing the logo. Mentioned that the leaders of the Maker space movement are becoming co-opted by big business is this good or bad, and how do we feel about that?

Ben left at 14:02 for family stuff.

Possible References for our Grant app:

  • Jher
  • Brewster_Kahle
  • John Gilmore
  • Paul Bloch
  • Dean... (EMS member from !uofO)

Cognitive liberty goes hand in hand with open source. If your cognitive extensions are proprietary then it limits your cognitive freedom.

Digital literacy teaches consumers to become pro-sumers by teaching them how to code and how to materialize.

Give people media literacy to be empowered to overcome technological unknowns.

Bringing physicality back to the digital.

EMS needs a 3D scanner!

How we are part of a much larger maker community? If we can answer this we can get much more bang for our advertising buck so to speak.

Here is a feel good video that Jher feels frames our conversation: [[1]]

Some others: [[2]]


Great meeting! Wished more people could have shown up for it.

Acton items:


  • Clean up notes. Done.
  • Create a suggested brake down on how to divide up the grant app Done.
  • Contact other potential grant supporters (references) and get them to sign on.
  • Contact one speaker I know of and ask him to give a talk on materialization.

adjournment at threeish...

-- Main.ClifCox - 13 Jan 2014