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Time Line:


  • Create a standing rules document that shows us our long standing board motions
  • What is an Annual Report (in the context of EMS and the School Factory)?
  • What is a Registered Agent (in the context of EMS and the State of Oregon)?
    • See the annual Todo list for this.
  • Where are we with state and federal taxes?
  • Where are we on working with the School Factory and staying current with requirements for being affiliated with them?
  • Prepare two membership reports: a public report with simplified and anonymous membership data, and a private (board's eyes only) report with names and standing.
  • Craft a narrative of who we are and what we do for the City Planning Office.
  • Create a floor plan for the new space (first task for the Space Planning Committee).
  • Check how much dues and fees we can charge without running into UBITS.


  • In our current space on McKinley, did we initially pay last months rent?, no we did not.
  • Did we pay a security deposit, and if so how much?
    • Yes, we did pay a $490ish deposit.
  • Apply for an EIN Number
  • With the above EIN number and our record printout from the egov.sos site apply for a bank account.
  • Got PO Box for Eugene Maker Space
    • PO Box 885; Eugene OR 97440
  • Registered Articles of Incorporation using the above PO Box
  • Finish up GD (3 Weeks)
  • Have first board meeting around Mid March
  • Announce EMS to prospective members, add them to email list.
  • Call space cleanup party around April first (5 weeks)
  • Make a EMS binder with all our documents and meeting minutes in it.
  • Check on meeting notice limitations
  • Check on proxy, and electronic voting.

-- Main.ClifCox - 2011-01-04