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Meeting at 6:05 Karen brings motion to approve last meetings minutes Bruce seconds Approved Agenda: Item for agenda: selling off spare computers on ebay, vs operating a 'community giveaway'. Should we try both? In terms of the giveaway should we have any sort of income criteria, or just a 'first come, first served' approach? Item for agenda, disposition of Samsung Refrigerator. Has anyone expressed actual interest in reviving this for the shop? Should we try and craigslist if or just ship it to someplace for disposal? (Continuing) Piotr will set up the one-way bank account for depositing (Continuing) Piotr will continue to monitor the Pay Pal giving fund qualifications for the EMS (Continuting) Ben will work with Piotr to add the payment options to the new-member mail sent out by Key Master. Updates on past agenda items Ben check dues and hours on the Facebook page 501c3 document sent to Kevin and Aidan? Karen believes he sent it during the last meeting, but A/K have not brought it Ben—check if Kevin/Aidan received the 501c3 form? Buttons for Paypal—Karen, I have seen that they are up but unsure if they are functional. Bruce said that when he did his auto payment he is still on the 25$ reoccurring payment. Bruce—by notifying the user base, as you know, our monthly fee has gone up by January 1, our rates have gone up, will that get people to kill their membership? Piotr has to look up who has recurring payments Aidan action item: send out email to give people specific instructions and follow up with Piotr to work through that group of people How to notify members of new payment system, when to cut off access Aidan—at what point do we discuss cutting off access for people that have not paid Karen—Bruce—maybe we should table that issue, touchy Aidan—if we send out notifications and the last step is deactivating their key Karen—maybe a several month series of notices that escalates Table until June and retable every month—Kevin-have some goal to get everyone on new system Karen—we have to make sure those interim emails get sent, otherwise we can’t have a hard line of lock out By next board meeting a reminder has been sent By June, get everyone over to the new system Officer Reports Presidents report—I missed last month I am here now, happy new year Treasurer—we are overdue on rent Aidan—we need to know when we are overdue on rent the day it is due and we are not able to pay it Next time we meet we should talk about how to be on time in our payments Do we have a public relations report? Aidan—one thing public relations is facing, is how we as a board is handling emails we receive via the website. The etiquette that I think we should follow, is that if you don’t know how to respond to someone, post to the slack, so we can have a response. When you reply, reply all so everyone knows Instructions for how to respond to emails from EMS website contact form: Karen—yeah, our system of doing that isn’t the best. If I reply all, the addresses aren’t helpful and will bounce. You have to copy/paste the board email address into the To:, including the recipient who sent the original message. board@eugenemakerspace.com Likely needs someone to go in and look at what the code for the email is, to fix that process Karen—contact Ben if you have to to access the webpage to edit it to try and fix the addressing of emails Aidan—go back through to emails you replied to and ensure that reply all emails went through Karen—need to talk to whoever runs the email listserv to get emails approved/permissions (and Aidan’s email) Shop status report: some stuff came in. One of our members came in and started organizing the computer rack a bit more. Karley, Sage and Karen have started working on a downdraft table to install on a worktable permanently, and it is on the CNC cutter right now. Windows on the security system relay box are not genuine, we need to find a key—need to tell Ben. Windows 10. We have some Windows keys floating around the shop somewhere. Getting that…Windows 7 Professional is what is currently on the relay boxFOur cameras are working fine, color is questionable at time but it does seem to work and Karen has been able to check in on it. It switches from color to black and white depending on the lighting. Still looking for a lift with the laser cutter. Maybe going to try and ask the nbeightbors is we can borrow one. Bruce was going to try a bottle jack to lift and would need some skids, one for the front and one for the sides, and he might be able to move it. Bruce—have the laser cutter moved by next month Fridge—still sitting there. No one has expressed any serious interest in taking it on or taking it. Needs a compressor. Which is proprietary. Either try and sell it or take it to Next Step. Should we be selling things on ebay? Last time, we had some very cool motors that went fast, and some that sat on ebay for a very long time. Negatives of selling things on ebay—time, maybe we could have sold more if the prices were lower, full time job, not sustainable Maybe a houseclean routine, twice a year? Selling the computers or give to the community? Put them on craigslist? Improve the machines around the shop first, then go back and sell the rest. Junk into pick apart Aidan--characterize the viability of upgrade v straight sell. Email to the mailing list (either in the email to the dues increase reminder) because we need 300$$ Aidan--First email, tonight or tomorrow morning, donations needed. Bruce—look into selling the fridge? Aidan will look into it with him, they will spend an hour looking at it and assess it further, to fix to sell or keep or something. Amanda—Figure out what Nation of Makers is and report back. Possibly draft a response letter if needed. Harley offered to help with decluttering Cardboard + herbage bag filled with garbage. Amanda Pick up membership forms from Karen and scan them Feb 8th Karen will put together prezi for board to see how to take those applications and put them in the membership system. Karen—rubber stamp applications and bring them tomorrow, Feb 8th Member maybe scott asked to purchase a machine he built with space parts. Aidan motion to close, Bruce second yay we’re done.