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Eugene Maker Space Board of Directors meeting June 6, 2019

Call to order

6:17PM Attending: Aidan, Karen, Ben, Amanda, Piotr Also present: Harley, Theo, Christina, Beatta, Todd

Approve this agenda

Motion: Karen moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors approve the agenda.

The motion was seconded by Aiden.

Motion passes, the vote was Unanimous.

Approve previous minutes

Motion: Karen moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors approve the minutes from the June BoD meeting as amended.

The motion was seconded by Amanda.

Motion passes, the vote was unanimous.


President's report

Aiden has contacted several members regarding the move to Patreon, he will continue these efforts. Brian Henry's mail bounced, we will need to reach out to him.

We had previously discussed a June cut-off for closing out non-$35 keys and Aiden suggests we begin implementing this now.

He has a meeting with a Charles to discuss an opportunity to host an educational event and he will report back with his results.

Secretary's report

Nothing to report.

Treasurer's report

$1,557.21 is our current monthly expense. Because of Patreon collecting money at the beginning of the month, our expenses are becoming simpler to manage as opposed to the past 'trickle'.

$1,213.25 in the bank, $237 in cash with a total of $1,450.25. We have not paid our $52.50 insurance yet, nor our rent.

In April 2019, we got a Patreon payout of $416.30. In May, we received $639.26. In June, we received $735.84

Public Relations report

Aiden will do the Meetup.com changes this month. He does not have the Twitter login information.

ACTION: Ben will assist in getting Twitter creds

Shop Status report

It's busy! We are modifying the Keymaster to be hardwired following some WiFi issues where it kept falling off the network. We had a new member sign up who has loaned the shop a Shopsmith Mk IV combination tool. This fills the gap created by our failed table saw.

The welding team has installed a ventilation hood and are at work getting it online. This will help control the quality of the air.

Laser Tom has done some work with the laser and has succeeded in getting it to both raster and vector cut. He is also looking to upgrade the ventilation for the laser. We do not have a cutting surface honeycomb currently and a new replacement from China would come out to at least $100.

Our open hacks have been fairly active.

Old Business/Action Item Review

Ben will generate a list of addresses for Keymaster accounts that do not have a Patreon attached.


ACTION: Ben will flag anyone in the list who isn't in Patreon yet who is still paying through means or otherwise entitled.

ACTION: Ben will turn off any keys on the list who haven't used it in > 6 months

ACTION: Ben will provide the <6 month list to Aidan and he will contact folks with the 7/1 deadline

ACTION: Ben will draft a letter informing the >6 monthers that includes options to pay and will word it as a 're-activate your key now' and 'we rely on members like you' and include mention of Patreon

ACTION: Ben will order more keys

Categories of user: Patreon payers People with keys who are paying elsewhere People who used key in last 6 months but are not in Patreon People who haven't paid in a long time who have a key

Ben will ask Jeffrey to help remove some folks from the listserv

He has not done this, he will find them in the slack and forward the requests to Michael or Jeffrey.

Ben will deactivate the keys for those people


Ben will make Aidan and Amanda admins on the Facebook page


Aidan will post the interview to the Facebook and Wordpress page


New Business

Josiah and the cameras

He has been moving the camera, we know of 4 times so far. After the third time we got a clear image of him moving the camera and the 4th time footage of him doing what looked like searches around the room.

We have posted a note telling him that if he moves them again, we will suspend his access.

ACTION: Aidan will mail Josiah. ACTION: Karen will make No Smoking signs

June 15th event

We have decided to hold the June 15th event on June 29th from 11AM to 5PM.

We discussed themes. Assuming we got stuff for folks to tinker with, ideally it would not be trash. Aidan's vision is basically an open shop with food.

Amanda asked if we would want to have something set up for kids. Aidan felt the arcades would be good to have for this. We have to be careful about having kids doing power tool work or working with dangerous tools. Aidan suggested we figure on a $50 budget for kids-targeted stuff if that's feasible.

Jeffrey will find more things at the shop to contribute, Ben will bring his trailer over to transport them to the space.

ACTION: Group will decide for a name of the event by Monday the 10th ACTION: Aidan and Amanda will cold-call places to get **stuff** and **food** ACTION: Aidan will update Meetup ACTION: Ben will post a notice about the event on the /r/eugene subreddit

Disposition of the old tablesaw

We're not 100% certain that it's owned by the shop. We want to safely dispose of it because it's offline and has been having several electrical issues and is no longer safe.

Aidan suggests notice to @everyone on Slack and the discuss list with a two week deadline and we agreed.

Clicker press

Todd's mother has a clicker press. It's 40"x40", weighs ~800lbs. She's willing to ship it, we would just need someone here to receive it.

Jeffrey noted that most of the work that clicker presses are used for has moved to laser cutters.

Todd will request photos of the machine.

Aidan suggested that we @everyone on Slack and hit up the discuss list to gauge interest

We learned that there's an immediate requirement on the decision and decided regretfully to decline the offer.


Motion: Aidan moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors adjourn the June meeting.

The motion was seconded by Karen.

Motion passes, the vote was unanimous.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:04PM.