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Eugene Maker Space Board of Directors meeting July 1st, 2021

Call to order

7:05PM Attending: Ben, Karen, Beata, Piotr Also present:

Approve this agenda

Motion: Ben moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors approve the agenda as presentedPiotr.

The motion was seconded by Unanimous.

Motion passes, the vote was {{{4}}}.

Approve previous minutes

Motion: Piotr moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors approve the minutes from the June BoD meeting as submitted.

The motion was seconded by Karen.

Motion passes, the vote was Unanimous.


President's report

Nothing to report.

Secretary's report

Nothing to report.

Treasurer's report

$1,668.58 in the bank $48.30 in PayPal $1,523.80 in Patreon

$3,240.68 total in cash. Rent hasn't gone out yet but will shortly. Pending: $58.80 - Comcast Pending: $9.98 - Scalaway Pending: $1,500 - Rent Remaining after beginning of month payments: $1,671.90

Difference of $-354.93 per the same time last month because we needed to pay a $306.33 insurance payment.

We began a new insurance round for the new year. We have $429.03 remaining for our 2021-2022 insurance period. We would have $1,242 remaining. Piotr proposes we pay this balance now to save on fees accrued by splitting it up over more payments.

Motion: Piotr moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors We pay the insurance balance early to save some of the money we pay in fees associated with splitting payment over the year.

The motion was seconded by Karen.

Motion passes, the vote was Unanimous.

Karen asked if we might consider squirreling money into a savings account for the insurance payment next summer. Piotr agreed that this was a good idea and suggested we expand this to include Meetup.com if we continue to use it.

Piotr would like a calendar item so that the treasurer is reminded every June 1st to contact the All Occasion Insurance (Julie aoia@comcast.net) company so we can renew without drama.

ACTION: Ben will Create a calendar for the board to track this somehow.

Piotr reported that Julie sent the paperwork physically to EMS. Karen received the mail and alerted Piotr who renewed our cover. We did not have a gap in our coverage.

Shop status

Ben visited the shop and reported it's a little dusty but generally intact and certainly less dusty than a month ago because of some volunteer cleanup work by River and Beatta.

Karen reported that the DVR is online but some of the machines like the CNC PC are not on the network.

Old Business/Action Item Review

Karen will update burn rate number on whiteboard at shop

The current monthly expense # is $1,785.01 Ongoing.

Ben will see if he can improve the new user flow


COVID-19 status review - Open Hack closure status

The state has ended the mask mandate, restrictions are no longer in effect. Karen sent out an update to the membership describing our current situation with details.

Prior to COVID, we were doing 2x weekly, 6-9PM. Since COVID, we've generally done once a week when we were able and from 6-8. Ben asked if 6-9 was too much of an ask for volunteers because of the late hour. Karen noted that 6-9 felt like a better match for our community mandate re: time available for folks to work on projects. She acknowledged that the 9PM close was a little rough for bus riders.

Piotr asked if there might be a benefit to dirty hack nights vs. clean hack nights (no grinding, no woodwork) so that the folks coming in for more socialization would have a time to do so.

Karen asked if 5-8 might be a better open-hack night range. She also suggested we seek comment from the membership to see what folks would want and what they might volunteer for.

ACTION: board will Find any references to Friday and 6-9 on website/calendars and update to be Tuesday 6-8.

Karen will reflect the page to reflect this information.

ACTION: Karen will will copy the COVID update out via our Meetup.com channel.

Karen will cancel all meetup events through the next board meeting

This is no longer an issue with the evolved COVID status and will be retired. ACTION: Karen will will send Ben an updated hours page to print out.

Ben and Facebook Calendar

ACTION: Ben will Create tueday open hacks 6-8.

Karen will schedule bank trip with Piotr, Ben, and Beata

Unable to continue at this time due to COVID-19. The county remains in Extreme Risk category. Karen's recommendation is that we continue to cancel open hacks through February and refresh the membership's memory regarding mask rules, spacing.

We believe we can finally close this out this month. Wednesday the 14th planned trip.

Karen will install a new hard drive in the 3d Printer workstation


The board will revisit Meetup.com situation


Piotr will look into Patreon integration into Slack options as part of assessing whether we want to stay on this tool

Piotr did some research and found a third party tool to make subscribe/unsubscribe notices to a Slack channel but it had some limitations.

If we could give users that are confirmed as paying special access in Slack, that would be useful. He will continue to research this.

ACTION: Piotr will will continue his research this month.

ACTION: Piotr will will ask the community if they want to switch communication tools.

Karen suggested that we also include members that aren't on Slack in the dialog.

New Business

IPFS payment

Covered in treasurer update.


Motion: Ben moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors adjourn.

The motion was seconded by Beata.

Motion passes, the vote was {{{4}}}.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:19PM.