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Eugene Maker Space Board of Directors meeting November 5th, 2020

Call to order

6:07 PM Attending: Ben, Karen, Beatta, Piotr Also present: Dick Penny

Approve this agenda

Motion: Ben moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors approve the agenda as read.

The motion was seconded by Karen.

Motion passes, the vote was Unanimous.

Approve previous minutes

Motion: Karen moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors approve the minutes from the October BoD meeting as amended.

The motion was seconded by Piotr.

Motion passes, the vote was unanimous.


President's report

Karen reports that we got a big burst of emails to our web form. She hasn't had a chance to respond to them yet.

She also reported on some newsletters we received through the board list.

Shop's still there.

Secretary's report

Nothing to report.

Treasurer's report

Everything is paid up. The most important thing is that we have paid off in full our complete insurance dues early, huzzah!

We have $1,662.70 in the bank account. In PayPal we have $0. In Patreon we have $32.39. Total monies: $1,695.16

Negative $213.89 since last month which is fantastic because it includes paying off our insurance.

Karen asked if we have ever broken even before and Piotr believes this is a first!

Piotr expects he will be able to pay himself back for the loan he gave the Maker Space which is very exciting, he will wait until the end of the month just in case.

Karen has $105 in cash & checks from the donation box to deposit.

Shop status

Shop is still there. Beata reports that we had one new member on Tuesday.

Old Business/Action Item Review

COVID-19 status review - Open Hack closure status

ACTION: Karen will will review COVID-19 page.

Ben and Facebook Calendar

Recurring. In progress.

Karen will schedule bank trip with Piotr, Ben, and Beata

Unable to continue at this time due to COVID-19.

Ben will follow up with Lightburn re: non-profit license for second laser


Ben will reach out to the membership to let them know about the laser and to coordinate to give some lessons


Ben will write a message to the membership requesting that they do a better job cleaning up


=Ben will order more masks


Karen will remove next two months of Friday meets on meetup


ACTION: Karen will remove next two months of Friday meets on meetup.

Karen will respond to some of our recent webform contacts from outsiders


Orion Rostock V2 delta 3D Printer

Beata successfully printed something then disconnected from USB. He will try setting up a Raspberry Pi next.

Ben will drop off some 1.75 filament

Haven't been down lately, will try and do this soon.

Karen will install a new hard drive in the 3d Printer workstation


New Business

Cleaning the shop

Dick's been going into the shop a little more often here and there to do some jobs. He hasn't seen any significant change in how clean the place is. He sees barrels of wood waste that could be taken away, we need to figure out the logistics of how/where/what.

He commented on the toner filler machine. We're not going to use it, how do we get rid of it?

Ben brought up the discussion about scrapping the toner machine and suggested we take it to Schnitzer. Dick said Schnitzer may come and pick it up.

Ben volunteered to write up a 'wood text here'

Dick Penny has volunteered to assess what it takes to scrap out/have the toner reloader removed.

Karen brought up the sawdust problem and we discussed some different methods to reduce out sizable sawdust problem. Ben reported on using leaf blowers and the mixed success that brought. We either need more people to use leaf blowers simultaneously Ghostbusters style or something.

Karen shared her experience with cleaning dust off keyboards and asked if we need to give up on the problem (and just wipe stuff down) or what. We talked about some alternatives, we talked about dust collection systems (we had one, but it has left for better shores), using tarps to set up barriers, central vaccuum, but we lack the volunteer skill/willingness/funding to bring one of these projects to fruition.

Status of pfsense box, and offering a couple access points.

Beata asked if we would be able to get the pfsense box initialized and reinstalled.

Karen reports that Michael took a shot at it, she's not sure if he took it with him. Beata thinks it's gone, it's possible Michael's taken it or it might be under the usual equipment cabinet. It wasn't POSTing so there appears to be a hardware fault of some sort.

Beata reported that he has two access points that can be flashed with WRT-54G.

ACTION: Beata will will ping Michael about the next steps for the pfSense box and some wireless routers he is contributing.


Motion: Ben moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors adjourn.

The motion was seconded by Beata.

Motion passes, the vote was {{{4}}}.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.