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Eugene Maker Space November 15, 2018 BoD meetings

RAW NOTES - For later formatting - Ben

1. Call to order 6:13

2. Approve the agenda Karen Jher Passed

3. Review previous meeting minutes from the October meeting 4. Approve previous minutes Kevin moved Karen pass

5. Reports - President's report Nothing. - Secretary's report Nothing. - Treasurer's report (to inserted) - Public Relations report Members meeting tonight at 7. - Shop status report Nothing. 6. Old Business/Action Items Review Kevin and Karen will work together to announce the seasonal cleaning event. Continuing Piotr will set up the one-way bank account for depositing Continuing Piotr will continue to monitor the Pay Pal giving fund qualifications for the EMS Continuing Karen will investigate the donation situation and possibly mock up a sign and/or live displays. In-progress Ben will work with Piotr to add the payment options to the new-member mail sent out by Key Master. Continuing Ben will implement (or cause to be implemented) the electronic waiver. Michael implemented (f0) Ben will try to install an ad at the library ACTION: Jeffrey will take this Kevin will work with Jeffrey to get us listed as an approved donation center with the University. Letter certifying our 501c3 status ACTION: Ben will send Karen will send a 'hey, use the tarps' mail to the membership, we will work out the specific wording on Slack. Dropping for now Kevin will reach out to Ron to discuss his use of space. Ben will provide Ron's email address Kevin spoke with him, Ron has collected his excess.

7. New Business Discuss incident involving David and Christina Kevin spoke with Christina and got her side of what was going on. She said he flipped breakers but didn't know whether it was on purpose or not. Jeffrey spoke with her and felt she was very frustrated with the situation. She was frustrated with her not being able to bring in furniture to work on and Jeffrey affirmed her understanding that it was acceptable for her to bring it in. He let her know that David was not the shop steward and not authorized to block her. She later called, very upset (with yelling happening in the background) and he advised her to leave a dangerous situation and call the police if needed. She was gone when Jeffrey arrived at the shop but David was still there. Jeffrey asked David to take a break from the space for a couple days until the board could discuss the issue and David was unwilling to do so. Most of the board visited on Friday and spoke with David and Christina independently. Karen spoke on David's behalf. David feels that Christina is 'moving into the shop' and is 'always here'. He was concerned that she was 'spun like a top' (a description of intoxication of some sort) and trying to move furniture into the shop. Someone came with a van with the furniture but David grew convinced that the person in the van was there to steal from the shop. Ben shared his concern that David's overreach affected others and prevented them from using the shop. Karen noted that Christina was ok to let things go and Kevin noted that she was also a new member and might not feel comfortable doing so and as such, some consideration should be given to the perceived power imbalance. Bruce shared some experiences he had with trying to help David find 'stolen' objects where David found the things first because he had misplaced them. Kevin: Red card or yellow card? (ejection vs significant warning) Group consensus was that the 'yellow' card was the preferred outcome because there is a belief that he is acting in good faith, even if improperly. Jeffrey suggested we ask David and Christina to use the 'Ask to leave' rule from Noisebridge. Resolved: We will inform David not to represent himself as an authority, if there is an escalation/event he is required to leave the premises, and if he fails to adhere to these requirements then it can affect his membership (including but not limited to temporary or permanent suspension of access to the shop).

ACTION: Karen feels this will be a hard message for David to hear and while she is willing to be the voice, she has a concern that he will react poorly. The board discussed the issue further and decided to present a written copy of the board's requirements of him to be signed.

Discuss build up of clutter crapping up the place (washing machine, fridge, etc.) Washing machine is a long term project that David White has taken over from Josiah. If there's no progress on it, then it should be removed. The refrigerator was donated by Bruce. It's missing a compressor. Bruce was thinking of 'frankensteining' another compressor into it, he hasn't found anyone who's interested in taking it on.

ACTION: Karen will send another call for assistance.

Discuss possibly raising monthly dues Discuss suggestions for the next board (e.g. 1 vs. 2 meetings/month, and other transition issues) Kevin asked if we wanted to recommend switching to twice a month vs monthly board meeting. Ben advocated for sticking to single meetings per month and increasing use of online collaboration. We discussed monthly dues and agreed that our margins were too slim (and, in fact, negative).

Shop layout update (this may already be in the agenda under some other heading) We will do this as part of the membership meeting.

List of expenses from David White (Karen) Karen presented a list of expenses from David. He listed purchases he made for the shop as well as tasks he performed.

Potential event (Jher) He will be curating an exhibition at the White Stag building in Portland for the UO.

Ben Moved Kevin second Adjourned at 7:00