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Eugene Maker Space Board of Directors meeting December 12th, 2019

Call to order

6:15PM Attending: Ben, Karen. Waiver for Aidan and Piotr Also present: Beata, Jher, Clif, Corey

Approve this agenda

Motion: Ben moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors approve the agenda as amended.

The motion was seconded by Karen.

Motion passes, the vote was Unanimous.

Approve previous minutes

Motion: Ben moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors approve the minutes from the November BoD meeting as amended.

The motion was seconded by Karen.

Motion passes, the vote was unanimous.

Confirm new board members

Motion: Ben moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors Ratify the results of the 2019 Board of Directors election.

The motion was seconded by Karen.

Motion passes, the vote was unanimous.

  • Ben Hallert
  • Karen Englebeck
  • Beata Dalhagen
  • Piotr Esden-Tempski


President's report

N/A, not present

Secretary's report

Nothing to report.

Treasurer's report

Placeholder: get numbers for Peter

ACTION: Karen will will fill out and submit the requested verification forms for matching donations. ACTION: Karen will will create a Treasury Slack channell.

Public Relations report

Karen visited the Eugene Library maker space to attend the new user orientation and learn about their tools. She answered several questions about the space and made connections with the staff there who passed along information to other folks there who need more space.

Shop Status report

Plumbing problem. Contacted Bennett to address standing water. Removed 70+ gallons before they arrived, they determined there was a block at the street and planned to have it snaked. It was snaked on Wednesday and the remaining water cleaned up.

We have a working table saw. Things are a little messy but generally seem to be working. The Trinity is back up and running.

ACTION: Ben will will give a school lock key to Bennett.

Old Business/Action Item Review

Karen will reach out to Chris Franks about his (abandoned?) project

She did. He renewed his membership and has continued to work on his project and has moved it out of the way when not working on it.


Ben will update the website to reflect the new membership level


Patreon sign


Ben will attempt to sell downdraft


Ben will price out strip curtains


Karen will send out a notice to the membership about the OSHpark cards and 1bit square discount


ACTION: Karen will will use the generated mail list in the shop report.

Ben will modify the weekly shop report to include a list of accounts in good standing


Ben will create an account and two keys for MLD

He contacted Thomas Pierce to arrange delivery.

Done. Karen issued a $1,200 invoice per Thomas' request.

New Business

Jher to address board re: NOMCON

Jher paid his 2020 membership to the space, $420. Jher discussed his concerns about the Slack and its proprietary nature then described the success his organization has had with Facebook and Twitter instead. EMS has passed 1,000 followers on Twitter and received positive feedback from the UO. The NOMCON will be here from 6/5-6/7 at the LCC Spilde Center in downtown Eugene. They'll be featuring makers at the event and working in conjunction with MAKE Magazine. He provided a list of organizations that are participating that included both city and educational institutions that are participating in the experience.

The organization has offered the EMS a free membership as we are being invited, not proposing a presence.

Jher argued passionately for EMS participating in the event.

Clif suggested that even a staffed table with advertising would be useful.

Karen posed some questions and concerns about our previous interactions with NOMCON about fees and costs including both table costs and access costs for people who would be staffing the table.

Jher requested that we invite a member of the NOMCON committee to speak to the board in January and advertise it to the membership.

Karen would like to have the board evaluate the offer independently and will reach out to Darby.

Making Open Hack nights more social

Beata would like us to investigate ways of making the open hack nights more social. Karen suggested possibly we could up communications in some way. Ben suggested possibly making a task to regularly advertise the open hacks through Facebook and Twitter.

Karen liked the old Lightning Talks that were run a few times and suggested that maybe we could bring something like that back or maybe even some 'show & tell'. She also advocated for simplifying the website and switching to more of a blog model with show and tell posts. It's possible that actively posting these to Facebook would fulfill that need.

Karen noted Tanda's suggestion that we have board members sign up for open hacks so that we have guaranteed coverage. Karen proposed doing a once-a-month pizza Open Hack in conjunction with show & tell.

ACTION: Ben will will start posting Open Hack advertisements on Facebook.


Motion: Ben moved that the Eugene Makerspace Board of Directors adjourn the November meeting.

The motion was seconded by Beata.

Motion passes, the vote was unanimous.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:18PM.