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Hi, This is a very rough draft of how we might conduct the meeting.

Introductions and brief outline:

Welcome to the community resource building concept meeting. Thanks to all the people that made this gathering possible...

Give a brief outline of what we're up to.


Pete Sorenson will MC and introduce the speakers.

Todd Smith:

Todd speaks on the immediate upgrade needs of the building, and gives some options with a range of costs.


Speaker from the Contractor community?

Someone that has good connections with building contractors, or... an actual contractor who could talk about the possibility of helping us fix up the building.


Speaker on possible revenue models that would work for LCC:

Could rent and utils be on a sliding scale? Could the difference be made up by grants?


Kathy Thomas?

Someone talks about possible grants out there for community development efforts such as ours.



We get a speaker on how the co-habitation of work spaces by community groups can be profitable.


Brain Storming or focus group session:

We can either have people suggest ideas that we write down on a white board, and or break into focus groups for how different groups can imagine working together to increase the value of the space. e.g. having a group down the hall feed you new clients / students would make co-locating more worth while.

Select working group and set next meeting:

Select a small group of key parties, and a meeting date to continue working on this.

-- Main.ClifCox - 10 Jan 2016