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-- Main.RickO - 10 Apr 2016


  1. Cell Phones are not permitted to track high-altitude weather balloons in flight.
  2. Payloads cannot exceed a package weight/size ratio of three ounces per square inch, determined by dividing total package weight by the area in square inches of the smallest surface.
  3. No payload package can exceed 6 lb in weight.
  4. Entire weight of all payloads cannot exceed 12 lb in total weight (Excludes weight of balloon).
  5. No rope or cable should be used which requires more than 50lb of force to separate payload packages from balloon.
  6. No one may launch a high-altitude weather balloon which creates a hazard to other people and property. (i.e. Incorrect parachute, faulty rigging, inappropriate launch location)
  7. No one may use a high-altitude weather balloon to drop objects (i.e. gliders and projectiles)