Minutes Work flow

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Minutes Workflow
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Before the meeting:

  • Go to the minutes page: Eugene Maker Space Wiki -> Sites Web -> Eugene Maker Space -> Eugene Maker Space Meeting Minutes
  • Edit minutes page and add the next few regular meetings.
  • Put Canceled on past meetings that didn't happen.
  • Copy and paste current meeting page name eg: EMSBoDMeetingMinutes120114 into a handy text window somewhere.
  • go to the EMSBoDMeetingTemplate page and select "More topic actions" then "Copy Topic" to the current meeting page name.
  • Edit the Banner, and the Call to Order paragraphs of the meeting, adding the correct date, and then Quiet Save.
  • Edit again and add all suggested agenda items. Then Quiet Save.
  • Go to "More topic actions" again and set the parent to Eugene Maker Space Meeting Minutes
  • Go back to Eugene Maker Space Meeting Minutes and look over the previous meeting's minutes and clean them up if necessary.
  • Print and punch if you haven't already, put in binder and bring to meeting.

During the meeting:

  • Vote on previous minutes, and sign them.
  • Put in binder

After the meeting:

  • Go home, and clean up minutes, word smith, correct spellings etc.
  • Possibly print, punch, and bind.

-- Main.ClifCox - 16 Dec 2014