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New Space Committee
Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 02/15/2014

This meeting was a specially scheduled Committee meeting, only because we didn't have the time set at least 30 days in advance. It started about 1:15pm

Members in attendance:

  1. Weston Turner
  2. Clif Cox
  3. Mark Danburg-Wyld

Other contributors:


  • Kickstarter Panel discussion.
  • Space storage proposal implementation
  • New Space Search, next step
  • Begin teaching classes

Kickstarter Panel discussion:

Where we are at on advertising, and what remains to be done for the event? Mark says, primary advertising onto community calendars, KRVM, Craigs List, and other TV stations are done. Basically all free electronic outlets, and has asked folks to put on email lists. Then he put together a simple flier for the event, and others will put it up. Marie will update the EMS tri-fold brochure so we'll have that to hand out too, and she would like to make fridge magnets.

Do we want to have refreshments there? No. We told the owners of the space we're not having any, and it might be too late to change our minds.

Do we want to have EMS swag, if so (and maybe this is a side thing) do we want to make fliers, cards, brochures and such to give away? Yes probably for fliers and cards. Bring 3D printed objects! :-)

Currently our list of volunteers are: Darrell, Marie, and Weston who will help with the event itself. Still need people to make 3D objects, Bob? James?

It would be nice give the panelists some presents. Any ideas?

Space storage proposal implementation:

Weston asks, what can we do right now? Well it looks like the only large scale project that needs to be dealt with is the shooting gallery, and the only two people using extra shelf space are Weston and Bob, and his is all vertical.

We should print off the storage proposal, bind and post it in the shop for all to refer to. We should verify which projects got accepted as community ones.

New Space Search, next step:

Update our requirements to something which might be more affordable, or get a core group to put in a large cash infusion. Ask the members to rate the spaces that we know are still available on a Doodle poll.

Begin teaching classes:

Marie would like to teach some sewing classes, or just have textile focused OHN. We need to build out that part of the website. There are some potential partners for teaching or students from other organizations looking to learn specific things.


Great meeting! Wished more people could have shown up for it.

Acton items:


  • Find out which projects are exempt from fees and add them to the wiki.


  • Doodle poll on ranking space
  • Print and bind space proposal.


  • Get some swag printed.

adjournment at 14:35

-- Main.ClifCox - 13 Jan 2014